About us

 ”Y Entonces… Tango”  is a group of young tango instructors from PR dedicated to build a nice tango community on the island! As part of their job  Tai María Helfeld, Yari Helfeld and Arturo Gaskings travel a lot for tango, circus and theater. After spending some very cold winters dancing tango in different parts of the world they decided to invite all the “tangueros” they met on their travels to spend a warm winter dancing tango by the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Y Entonces...Tango

Y Entonces…Tango

The PR Tango Community is very excited to welcome “tangueros” from other countries and share lots  of warm embraces and adventures, during and after the first Puerto Rico Tango Marathon!

PR tango comunity

PR Tango Community


For more information please contact:   Tai Maria Helfeld  -  taihelfeld@gmail.com